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About Ron

For nearly two decades I have been making functional and decorative boxes from exotic and unique woods from around the world.  I am an architect turned woodworker on a journey traveling from utility to art.


My journey through the world of fine woodworking evolved from the simple curiosity of making-building-creating things just to see how things work.  As a child, tinker toys, erector sets, Lego sets and the like enamored me.  I tinkered with everything from watches to automobiles.  Always working with my hands.  The hands are an extension of your mind-just as your eyes ears, and nose.  They tell the principles of physics: mass, dimension and motion.


I excelled in math and science; my father told me I should be an engineer.  One summer I worked for a world-renowned scientist; he said I should be a scientist.  I chose architecture.  In the context of my life experience, it was indeed a strange choice - no art background and not knowing anyone who did it.   But the adventure took me around the world and introduced me to world-class wood craftsmen, and the hook was set.


I’ve gone from making things to save money, making them to suit my own needs and into the world where I do it for satisfaction.   In this career I find that if I satisfy myself, then that works out pretty well with others.

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